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We are a group of relationship enthusiasts. Having personally seen the power of the Hartman Personality Profile work in our relationships, our goal is to help you better understand the power of motives in yours. Our ignite events are fun and engaging creating a social environment to help you spark your next great relationship without spending too much time on relationships you’re not interested in.

The Color Code Personality Assessment is the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use personality test available.

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What is Ignite?

We are a group of certified trainers in the color code that help you first understand yourself and second help you find a match through our fun and exciting fast dating events. Get to know yourself first by your core motive. Understand others by theirs.

Our Guarantee

You will meet someone you want to see again or your next ignite event is FREE!


We are so confident that ignite events will work for you, we’re putting our reputation on the line.

If you don’t meet someone that you want to see again, your next event is on us!

Here’s how it works: After each event, attendees login to our website and enter the names of the people they’d like to meet again. If you didn’t meet anyone who interested you at the event, just click the button on the form, and we’ll give you a special code that entitles you to attend another event - on us!

We hope this gives you the confidence to find out for yourself that ignite is serious about you understanding yourself and finding your next flame. So give us a try - you’ve got nothing to lose … and so much to gain!

*Limited to one free event per paid event that you have attended. Most “guarantee” events will be free; however, for some events, attendees will be required to pay any direct costs that ignite must pay to the venue for each attendee (typically $5.00), or for premiums provided to attendees (varies depending upon the offer described in the event description). Free attendees may not be eligible for give-aways at certain events. Guarantee code must be redeemed with in 90 days after issuance.

The Gift of Passion

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Learn More About The Color Code

The Color Code is different than ANY of the other personality profiles on the market today. Most other popular tests and profiles strictly identify your behavior, and leave it at that. In other words, the Color Code helps you to understand why you do what you do versus simply what you do. You can’t possibly begin to understand yourself, if you don’t know what motivates you! Let the Color Code be a part of your life. Improve your relationship vision to a perfect 20-20. Don’t you think life is already hard enough without being able to see the big picture clearly? We can explain where the puzzle pieces go and more importantly, why they go there.


The Red personality moves forcefully through life.
Confidence: help others believe in their possibilities and win
Vision: show others where they can be in the future
Sense of Urgency: love of action, movement, and results
Convincing: highly articulate and persuasive; create a strong presence


Whites offer us all a model for gentle human dignity.
Listening: egoless ability to hear others
Acceptance: value diversity and promote creativity
Kindness: respectful and considerate of others and life
Patience: steady internal compass
Perspective: amazing clarity amidst complexity


Life cannot bestow on anyone a more gratifying reward than the sincere appreciation and trust of a Blue friend, co-worker, or family member.
Quality: legitimacy of both the product and the relationship (intimacy)
Caring: life is all about relationships
Sincerity: heart and truth tell the story
Nurturing: empowering and supporting others’ success
Consistency: dependability creates trust


Yellow people love themselves because they know exactly what they love to do and always find the time and resources to do it.
Enthusiasm: it’s contagious and energizing
Fun: you make people feel alive and engaged in the moment
Trusting: people appreciate your inclusion of others and new ideas
Positive: very upbeat and optimistic
Charisma: people like themselves more when they are with you.